by Carron Lake

To help us perceive and understand how to worship God, the Lord revealed Himself through the prophets that were led by Him that He might receive from them the same Counsel revealed through Him from the Father. In other words, He prepared the Way for Himself to reveal the Way for those who will worship God. Through Him the Father said, "To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding; To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity; To give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion. A wise [man] will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels: To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings. The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.

"My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother: For they [shall be] an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck. My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause: Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit: We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:

"My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path: For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird. And they lay wait for their [own] blood; they lurk privily for their [own] lives. So [are] the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; [which] taketh away the life of the owners thereof. Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets: She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words, [saying],

"How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you. Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

"Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil" (Proverbs 1:2-33).

From the Word of the LORD through His Spirit of Truth, the Word was able to receive WISDOM and INSTRUCTION from His Father that He might show us the difference between false worship and true worship, that we through Him might glorify the Father in heaven.

False Worshipers - (Adore the doctrine of men)
  • Will be ignorant of wisdom and instruction
  • Will be blind to the words of understanding
  • Will reject the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity
  • Will deny subtilty to the simple
  • Will deny the young man knowledge and discretion
  • Will be foolish not to hear to increase learning
  • With no understanding shall reject wise counsels
  • Will be ignorant of a proverb, and the interpretation
  • Will be ignorant of the words of the wise, and their dark sayings
  • Will be afraid of the LORD and lacking Knowledge
  • They rebell against God
  • They don't know the LORD
  • They are a sinful nation
  • They are laden with iniquity
  • They are a seed of evildoers
  • They are childern who corrupt others
  • They forsake the LORD
  • They provoke the Holy One
  • They've gone away backward
  • They are stricken more and More
  • They revolt more and more
  • They sacrifice animals unto the LORD
  • They present vain gifts, and incense unto God
  • They call for assemblies on new moons and sabbaths
  • Their appointed feast, the LORD'S Soul rejects
  • Their spread hands full of blood in prayer, the LORD will not see
  • Their many prayers, the LORD will not hear.
  • They were a faithful city that became a harlot
  • The city was full of judgment and righteousness, but now murderers
  • Their silver is become dross
  • Their wine mixed with water
  • Their princes are rebellious, and have become companions of thieves
  • They love gifts, and follow after rewards
  • They judge not the fatherless, neither do the cause of the widow come unto them
  • They are viewed by the LORD as adversaries and enemies
  • They that forsake the LORD shall be consumed with the transgressors and the sinners
True Worshipers - (Adore the doctrine of God)
  • Will know wisdom and instruction
  • Will perceive the words of understanding
  • Will receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity
  • Will give subtilty to the simple
  • Will give to the young man knowledge and discretion
  • Will be wise to hear, and will increase learning
  • Of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels
  • Will understand a proverb, and the interpretation
  • Will understand the words of the wise, and their dark sayings
  • Will fear the LORD for the beginning of knowledge
  • They will receive nourishment from the LORD that they might know HIM
  • They will hear the Word of the LORD
  • They will give ear unto the Law of God
  • They will wash themselves, and make themselves clean
  • They will turn away from doing their evil deeds before the eyes of the LORD
  • They will cease to do evil
  • They will learn to do well
  • They will seek Judgment
  • They will relieve the oppressed, and judge the fatherless
  • They will plead for the widow
  • They will learn to reason together with the LORD
  • Though their sins were as scarlet, they shall be white as snow
  • Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool
  • If they are willing and obedient, they shall eat the good of the land
  • If they refuse and rebel, they shall be devoured with the sword
  • If they are faithful, they shall be full of Judgment and righteousness
  • They shall judge the fatherless and the cause of the widow who comes to them,
    because the LORD shall restore to them the judges as at the first
  • They shall be counsellors as at the beginning
  • They shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city
  • Zion shall be redeemed with judgment and her converts with righteousness

As we listen to HIS Voice, HE will Guide us in the Way of Judgment that we might know HIS will. The Word, Who is the Spirit of God said, "...For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind. And [some] of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we blind also? Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers" (John 9:39-41; 10:1-5).

The Spirit of Truth having received the Judgment of God, glorified Him by testifying of Him and said, "...There were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast: The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus. Philip cometh and telleth Andrew: and again Andrew and Philip tell Jesus.

"And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

"If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will [my] Father honour. Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour. Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, [saying], I have both glorified [it], and will glorify [it] again. The people therefore, that stood by, and heard [it], said that it thundered: others said, An angel spake to him.

"Jesus answered and said, This voice came not because of me, but for your sakes. Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me" (John 12:20-32).

The message that is proclaimed to the whole world, is given by those, who serve the Word of God. Through His servants, God's Judgment is come to all men, that all who serve and worship Him, might be honored with the presence of the Father, that they might be One with the Father through HIS Word. By HIS Judgment in us, it is possible for the whole world to fear God in the correct Way, giving HIM glory, by worshiping HIM, WHO made the heaven, the earth, the sea and the fountains of living waters.

All who worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth will trust HIM with their whole heart. They will not reason in their own understanding, for HE has given them Judgment to guide them in Spirit and in Truth. In sending them with Power into the world to preach His Good News, He said, "...All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son,

"and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen" (Matthew 28:18-20).

The Father has given Him all POWER in heaven and in earth to do HIS will. The question is, "Have we acknowledge Him as The Power of God, Who does The Will of God in all the earth?" Being with them, AlWay (The True followers of Christ), even unto the end of the world, they will take of His Spirit in the flesh, and represent Him to the world in True Worship of God.

Notice: To fully understand the concept of True Worship, read each section in the order presented.

1. Introduction   2. Fear God   3. Give Him Glory  
4. His Judgement   5. Worship God   6. True Worship  

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