My Personal history

I was born on October Third, Nineteen Hundred and fifty-seven to Christ loving parents, on the island of St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Island. It was through their love that they nurtured my three younger sisters and myself in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have attended both public and Christian elementary schools for our education.

I was not listed among the brightest students during my years in the public high school. In looking back at those years, it all seems to me to be like a blur. Although the teachers did their best to educate their students, I found it difficult at times to fully comprehend the lessons being presented. To me, some of the subjects were more or less confusing. To understand what I am saying, I would say that my performance in those classes indicated that I did not get it. At times I would say, "What is the point?"

In order to pass the class, I needed to meticulously study the subjects to get to the root, or the bottom of the study. In other words, I needed to get the point, or to understand the subject. I needed to understand or visualize the big picture, and because I took the time to do this, some teachers labeled me as a slow student. This label did not bother me much, because I was able to excel in other classes. One of these classes was my drawing class. In this class, I was able to excel in drawing, because it was one of the ways I could prove to myself as well as to others that I was able to accurately reproduce on paper the images that I was focusing on. Here is an example of my work. Although I was labeled as a slow student during those years, it all turned out to be a blessing. To understand why it was a blessing, read my testimony to find out more.

After my graduation from high school, I pursued my education in the field of Visual Communication at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At this college, I studied the art of communicating visually through the means of Illustrations, which covered Pencils and other point media, Pen and Ink, Oils and other paint media. I also studied Fashion, Technical and Airbrush Illustrations and Graphic Design, which covered Typography, Photography, Design and Advertising.

A few months after graduating from Art College, I began working for a graphic screen printing company, creating fleet graphics for their customers. For the next fourteen years, I designed layouts using the free advertising space on the customers' vehicles to advertise their name and logo. Here are a few examples of my work, which have been in production.
When I began working with this company, they were among the top five hundred screen-printing companies in America. When I left the company to work in a different field of visual communication, my contribution during those years has raised the company to among the top One hundred screen-printing companies in America. Today the company is among the top 40 graphic screen-printing companies in America.

I did work for a small company as a designer in awnings designs for their customers. To increase their marketing area, I did designed and created their first Web-sight to reach new customers in their field, which covered mainly four states, but on occations there were customers that were in other states as well. To learn more about this company, you can click B. H. Awning & Tent.

Since my graduation from college, I have continued my education in the field of computer graphics, which covers all areas of Desktop publishing. I am currently studying Web page designing and 3D Animation for video Programs. Along the way, I have picked up the ability to build and rebuild computers from just the case or the motherboard. With all the talents given to me by God, I seek to use them to further spread the good news of the gospel to those who are yet without understanding.

Update to my personal testimony in "Making the connection to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ".

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