The choice of obeying the Word,
or rebelling from God

The LORD revealed to the children of Israel, that if they would come and reason together with HIM, to cease from doing evil, to learn to do well, to seek judgment from the LORD that they might relieve the oppressed, and judge the fatherless, and plead for the widow, then, though their sins were as scarlet they would be as white as snow, and though their sins were as red like crimson, they would be as wool. By receiving the Judgment of the LORD through HIS Word, the children of Israel would have been known by the nations around them as a city of righteousness, the faithful city.

Although they had rebelled against the LORD, if they would be willing and obedient to the Voice of the LORD, HE would restore them to a Perfect fellowship with HIM.

By receving the Word of GOD
Who revealed the law of God
they would be made clean
they would put away the evil from before
the eyes of the LORD
they would cease to do evil
they would learn to do well
they would seek HIS Judgment
they would relieve the oppressed
they would judge the fatherless
and plead for the widow

In other words, by submiting to the
Voice of God, their hearts would changed
from rebelion to obedients to reflect
the glory of the LORD and through them, HE
would bless the nations with HIS links
of Love.

Even though the children of Israel became as a seed of evildoers, the LORD loved them with an everlasting love and was willing to restore to them HIS covenant, and HIS judges, and HIS counselors, that they might again be established as HIS people. By being willing and obedient to HIS Word of Judgment and Counsel through His judges and counselors, they would have been known as a city of righteousness, the faithful city. They would have been redeemed with judgment and those that would be converted, would have been converted with righteousness.

But if they should refuse and forsake HIS Counsel, which HE would give to them through HIS judges and counselors, then, as a result, HE said, "they shall be destroyed together with the transgressors and sinners of HIS law". Those who refuse to be HIS children and honor HIM as their Father by keeping HIS Law, they shall be destroyed with all those who reject HIS Gift of Love.

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