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Is it possible to enter The Kingdom of GOD, or
do we just remain in the kingdom of darkness?
If it is possible, then how do we enter His Kingdom?

There are many things that the human family need to understand. One of which, is the on going battle that is taking place in this world for the hearts and minds of men. Everywhere you look, the evidence of the power of darkness can be seen, as it flows through the hearts of men to keep the minds of men and women in the kingdom of darkness. And although The Light of Truth stands ready to do battle, to enlighten the minds of all who would turn aside from their darkened hearts to follow The Way, the Truth, and the Life, many are kept blinded to the Truth, and are held in darkness by men who know not that they are also being used by the power of darkness, to keep the minds of men and women from following the Truth.

Because of the nature of darkness, the mind without The Truth cannot fully comprehend and distinguish between the things of value outside of one's own body. And without the eyes being open to see the way clear to The Truth, we being blinded to the Truth of our own condition, might not know The Way Home from one location to another, and would not know from our darken hearts, which direction we should turn to see our way home?

GOD the Father has given to us the gift of communicating the good news of the gospel of Life through HIS Word. It is through HIS Word of Life to the hearts of men that HE has given HIS Covenant of Love in us, to be reflected back to HIM, that if HE were to come to earth in men, HE would see HIS Way clear to return back to HIS Dwelling. But if we receive not HIS Word in our hearts to guide the lost back home, then by rejecting HIS Word, many have been cutting themselves off from walking with HIM, except they repent and be in one fellowship according to HIS Word. Seeing the end from the beginning, GOD sent HIS Word in The form of flesh to glorify HIS NAME in saving all who were lost by sharing The Light of HIS Word in and through their darken hearts.

But the enemy of both GOD and man, has been seeking to prevent man from receiving The Gift of GOD in the hearts of men, that men might submit to the methods and the powers of darkness, to digest his lies over The Word of GOD and The Spirit of Truth. In doing this, many with blinded eyes, and with opened ears to the gospel of the kingdom of darkness, find it hard to see their way home to the Kingdom of Life, which leads away from death. But if men would confess their condition and spend time in GODíS Word of Love, and listen to those, who share The Light of HIS Gospel arround the world, HE will cleanse the darken heart, to be filled with HIS Light of LOVE, to Know The Point of HIS Word, to glorify HIS NAME.

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Communing with Him