The writting of God's law, His testimony
upon the heart to glorify the LORD

The LORD revealed through HIS Word, that the days would come when HE would make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, that He will write HIS law upon their hearts, that they shall no more teach every man to know the LORD, because they shall all know Him.

The first covenant established with the children of Israel was based on their promise to be obedient to the Voice of God to keep HIS covenant. In fulfilling their promise to God, they would have been known as a peculiar treasure unto HIM above all people, that through them HE might bless all the nations of the earth. But they failed to keep their promise of being obedient to HIS Word to keep HIS Covenant.

Law within the heart

God's covenant with the children of Israel was written down on tables of stone, written by the Hand of God to be given to the children of Israel. This Testimony on Stone was kept in the Ark of the covenant which Moses built and placed in the most Holy place in the temple where the LORD dwelt among HIS people. The New Covenant would be established with them by placing the same Law, HIS Covenant, HIS Testimony in their inward parts through the receiving of HIS Word by the Prophet that was promised by God to them to fulfill HIS will.

By receiving the everlasting covenant within the hearts of men, they would no more teach every man and his neighbor to know the LORD, for they shall all know HIM through the Prophet of God. And God will forgive their iniquity and will remember their sin no more, because they would no longer be separated from HIM.

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